Our Leadership Team

Pic of Richard WhitmanDr. Richard Whitman

Dr. Whitman received his Doctorate at Texas A&M.  His career includes work with NASA, Ecology educator at Indiana University (NW), Chief Scientist for Indiana Dunes National Park, and from 1993-2011 as manager for the United States Geological Survey (Lake Michigan Ecological Research Station).

Pic of Phyllis WojcikPhyllis Wojcik

A Biology graduate of Western Michigan University with a MA in Education Technology from Central Michigan University, Phyl’s varied experience includes Zookeeper and 24 years teaching Biology, Environmental and Life Sciences. Phyl is a recognized Florida Master Naturalist.

Bruce Wojcik

Bruce is a Lifelong Biologist and Researcher. A Lecturer educated at the University of Wisconsin, his credentials include Florida Master Naturalist, Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife Education Specialist, and wetland ecology teacher.

David Schutz

A graduate of Cornell, Stony Brook, and Adelphi Universities with degrees in Science, Education, and Administration, David’s experience includes the Acid Rain Eutrophication Project at Cornell and more than 20 years as an educator of Biology, Chemistry, and Education Administration.

Cheryl Berlon

Cheryl is an experienced and valued charitable facilitator with years of philanthropic endeavors including projects benefitting the indigent, homeless, Veterans and those in need of disaster relief.

Pic of Chris ConnorChris Connor

Retired business owner, Chris, is a dedicated supporter and active participant in numerous charitable ventures with a focus on environmental issues and homelessness.

Pic Dianna WhitmanDianna Whitman

Dianna is a graduate of Indiana and Purdue Universities with degrees in Environmental Affairs and Counseling, and a retired school administrator, lifelong environmental advocate, and co-founder of Great Lakes Environmental Associates.